After spending many years in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York and most recently Abu Dhabi, Qatar and South Africa, I now bring my over 30 years of culinary experience to Food Concepts 360.

Food Concepts 360

Food Concepts 360 has headquarters in the Middle East and South Africa, and since 2009, has evolved to become a leading hospitality company, providing comprehensive end-to-end solutions and proven expertise in restaurant concept development and restaurant management of outlets across the Middle East and Africa.

Food Concepts 360 has launched over 50 F&B concepts, unveiled over 70 outlets across the world, including the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Los Angeles and Las Vegas, among others and manages a team of nearly 500 employees.

The Company’s expertise ranges from a business plan and concept development, to conducting financial feasibility, securing location, interior design, brand identity development, out contract tendering, accounts, recruitment, strategic training and menu design.

The Chef’s Connection

The Chef’s Connection specializes in and focuses on the full spectrum of positions within the food and beverage industry.  We focus on sourcing talented, hard-working and passionate chefs to work on short and long term contracts in Southern Africa while opening doors for candidates with exceptional talent and connecting them to career opportunities around the world at eateries to Michelin Star restaurants.